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Join us this September for an 8 week program that is often described as a life changing experience!


Hurts, hang-ups, and habits do not develop overnight. They are the result of our own poor choices or the poor choices of others. Some have taken many years to develop into a behavior that is not healthy or beneficial. While freedom does not happen overnight, you can find the help you need in a Life's Healing Choices small group. It is a safe place for you to begin your courageous journey of finding freedom from your life's hurts, hand-ups, and habits.

The eight healing choices:

  • Admitting Need - The Reality Step

  • Getting Help - The Hope Step

  • Letting Go - The Commitment Step

  • Coming Clean - The Housecleaning Step

  • Making Changes - The Transformation Step

  • Repairing Relationships - The Relationship Step

  • Recycling Pain - The Sharing Step

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